Open Play

What is Open Play?

Open Play is parent-supervised play for children from  newborn to eight years old. Tahoe Tot Spot provides a fun, friendly  atmosphere to stimulate their senses and inspire creativity.​ 

Have a Ball at Tot Spot

 Watch your little ones cheer with  delight as they flop around in our ball pit, bounce on our trampoline.


Make Believe Room

  Play dress up with our costume collection and create their own little  world with our train set and kitchen play areas.  

Art Room

 The all new Art Spot has been designed with creativity in mind and will  feature specialty themed projects each week. Plus, our chalk wall and  coloring supplies are available daily for freelance creativity. 

Baby Room

  Our brand new Baby Spot is designed  specifically for babies and infants from 0 to 18 months. It will offer a  quiet space away from all the activity for breast or bottle feeding in a  comfy glider as well as tummy time mats, sensory play, baby board books  and other age appropriate stimulating toys.    


 We visited South Lake Tahoe for a week with our almost 2 year old  Triplet boys. The Tahoe Tot Spot came up while I was searching for  activities to keep our boys busy during our weeklong stay. We are so  happy that we decided to spend some time at their facility. The owner  was really nice and we were the first triplet family to visit her  business! =) The place is clean and has a lot of activities for all ages  from infants to toddlers and above. They had a giant ball pit, rock  climbing wall, hula hoops, a trampoline, tons of toys and costumes for  the kids to dress up in. They even had a gated off area to give your  kids snacks/lunch and free coffee for adults. [Toddlers too if you're so  inclined ;) ]

I wish we had a place like this closer to home!!! 

 We were visiting Tahoe for a week and looking for things to do with my  2.5 y/o daughter. Went to the Open Play and she absolutely had a blast!  The rooms were full of exciting toys, but not overly stimulating. Lots  of cars including a nifty "roller coaster" that my daughter could push  off of on her own. Big ball pit and little ball pit were both hits. The  trampoline was great once she got used to the idea! There were also a  ton of toys for imaginative play that she loved. We stayed for a little  over an hour but could've easily passed more hours there. Totally worth  the low cost. 

 I cannot say enough great things about this place. It is fun, safe and  the best place for a kid 1-4 year old to hang out Tahoe! It is  organized, clean and has lots of different spaces to keep kids busy and  entertained. We came on a rainy day and it was busy but not crowded. My  daughter had a great time the entire time switching from the ball pit to  dollies to puzzles to Roller cars to kitchen, etc. The owner is super  friendly and helpful. They also have free coffee for grown ups. We will  definitely be back! ***** 

 We had a rainy day on our vacation and had to find indoor fun for the  kids. What a fun and well equipped place! The kids spent most of the  time in the ball pit, on the trampoline and loved the little  rollercoaster. But they also offer family yoga classes, art classes and  the list goes on. They have a parent area with coffee and a little room  for nursing. Hope you like them too!